In the Mouth of the Whale – Paul McAuley


Being the big Sci – Fi fan that I am, you may find it strange, that with the exceptions of Star Wars and Doctor Who, this is my first proper foray into Sci – Fi books. During the last few years my love of American politics has kept me in the non fiction Presidents diaries sort of place.

I mention this as I had problems at the start of the book with the writing style. I wasn’t used to very long passages of descriptive narrative and a story that bounces from one area to another. That said I never give up on a book. If the author can take the time to sit and write the tale for my consumption the least I owe them is to finish the book.

In 1996 Paul McAuley was awarded the Arthur C. Clarke award for his novel ” Fairyland ” so its obvious to anyone that he is a capable writer. Maybe its because I am fairly new to this genre, perhaps I should have started with something else as my entry level introduction, but in large parts of this book I just got completely lost, just plain lost. The long winded narrative became as confusing as it was frustrating and come the end of the novel I’m still not completely aware I’ve finished it. Maybe its my lack of experience in reading this style of book and maybe that is not fair on Mr. McAuley. Unless you have struggled through one of the authors other novels and have an inkling of what he is on about then I would give ” In the mouth of the whale ” a miss. 1/5

Steve Taylor – Bryant

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