Hunters by Troy Dennison


Hunters Kindle Edition by Troy Dennison
Hunters Kindle Edition
by Troy Dennison
Hunters is a fast paced Scifi horror novel set in the near future by Troy Dennison.

This needs to be a TV series or Movie stat. Keep reading then buy the book using this link

A deadly virus, a city under quarantine and a team of highly trained soldiers sent in to eradicate those infected.

A weaponised virus has been unleashed. GX-135 is incurable, highly infectious and reduces its victims to a state of mindless savagery. Victims of the virus – the Infected, are driven by only two basic animalistic urges; to kill and to spread the disease. In a global effort to combat the epidemic a programme of quarantine and eradication is established. Each outbreak site is cordoned off and a highly trained team of military personnel – the Hunters are sent in to eradicate every living being in the Quarantine Zone. To offset the vast expense of these operations they are televised in real time; the ultimate reality TV experience.

The Hunters television show has become the highest rated slice of broadcast media on the planet with the Hunters celebrated as superstars. In the wake of an outbreak in London the Hunters team is sent into the established Quarantine Zone to eradicate the Infected. The mission is routine; the Hunters have dealt with this a hundred times before. This time however things will be different, and suddenly the Hunters find they are alone and embattled in the deserted city fighting for their lives. It is a fight that some of them will not survive, and as the tragedy unfolds it is being transmitted across the globe in all its high-definition glory.

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