How To Kill Monsters

How To Kill Monsters Preview Poster Art
How To Kill Monsters Preview Poster Art

A few years back there was an awesome British Horror movie called Book Of Monsters. This is one of the few films that show that tiny budget plus talent and hard work can lead to great things.
Very much in the comedy horror vein this saw the birthday party of 18 year old Sophie being gate crashed by a variety of monsters. When Sophie finds out about her past she realises she is the one to dispatch the invaders.

Now Dark Rift Films have gotten the ball rolling on a sequel HOW TO KILL MONSTERS.  Building on the mythos of the first and reuniting cast and crew.

As with “Book…” They have decided to use crowd funding platform Kickstarter to get all involved with making this movie possible.

How to Kill Monsters is a labour of love to all involved, so the cast and crew are giving their time, talent and expertise for very little. We have been lucky enough to secure some initial funding from private investors to get us started, securing essential camera equipment, studio space and post-production facilities which enabled us to complete our first block of filming in July/August.

You can back and find out more on the project on their Kickstarter page here.

How To Kill Monsters Kickstarter Trailer

Book Of Monsters can currently be bought or rented through Amazon

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