Heroes Series 2 (TV)


Heroes was the best TV show of 2007, if not the greatest. But what happened to the second series, well the writers strike for one. Cutting the series run from 22 episodes to 11 episodes was bad, attempting to cram the whole second series story line into those 11 episodes was positivly foolish.

The series built up nicely, introduced new characters and tried to add that extra dimension to others. But everything fell appart in the last 3 episodes where they tried to wrap the whole thing up (and add the inevitable end of 2nd series cliffhanger).

Originally when I saw that the series had an attenuated span I thought ‘great’ as I would be less tormented with the seemingly endless cliffhangers which made Heroes Series 1 so compulsively watchable. How wrong was I.

Despite its mess of a compression the best parts were definitely centered around Hiro and Kensi back in 17 Century Japan. This saw Hiro really build and mature. But again this series did in places feel a bit ‘been there done that’. Visions of an apocalyptic future, man made disaster to be averted, new big bad guy.

Syler. Well to be honest it would have been a better series if they dropped him all together, he was not needed. With the limited run the fewer characters in this series of Heroes the better.

With all said and done I did enjoy this, though compared to Heroes series 1 this was a little let down.

Will I watch series 3? ? well yes. After the cliff hanger at the end of this series I just have to find out what happened to….. oh yes spoilers. Must avoid spoilers

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