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You may have already seen my brief digest of Heroes Series 2, well here are the full Heroes series 2 DVD release details

Heroes Season 2 evolves onto DVD on Monday 28th July, courtesy of Universal Playback.

Remember due to the writers strike this series comprises of just 11 episodes but the DVD is packed with a host of exclusive entertaining extras, including an alternate ending to the season, and a sneak peek preview of Season 3 (cannot wait :) ).

At the end of Season 1, having saved the cheerleader Claire Bennett, Peter Petrelli soon finds out that he is far from saving the world. Nathan Petrelli helped his brother to narrowly avoid a catastrophic nuclear event by risking his own life, and political career to fly the self combusting hero miles above New York City as onlookers witnessed a massive explosion in the black night sky. Their fate remained unknown. Meanwhile the whereabouts of the hero? arch enemy Sylar is unknown but he is believed to have escaped into the city? underground sewer system.

Season 2 of Heroes picks up the pieces 4 months after the events of Kirby Plaza and finds an amnesiac Peter Petrelli awake in a freight container in an Irish shipping yard. With no recollection of his former life he struggles to piece together fragmented memories of his past and soon discovers that he is not a normal human being. Meanwhile ?he Company?and his family are trying to track his whereabouts.

Claire is building a new life with her family in California and has a new love interest at high school called West, but if he discovers who her father is it could ruin everything. Hiro Nakamura has travelled back in time to meet the legendary Takezo Kensei, but he fails to live up to his mythological stories and Hiro is forced to teach him how to be a fearsome warrior. Unable to control her abilities Niki Sanders puts her life in the hands of ?he Company?who claim they can cure her, and now they have Dr. Mohinder Suresh onboard too, however it? unclear whose side he is on. Niki? gifted son Micah is staying with his auntie in New Orleans where his cousin soon discovers that she also has a secret ability. Matt Parkman is forced to locate his estranged father and will learn that his mind reading ability is capable of so much more.

Meanwhile, Peter Petrelli accidentally travels forward in time (muppet) and witnesses the Shanti Virus wipe out 93% of the world? population. It? a race against the clock as the heroes join forces once more to stop this catastrophic global event from happening.

Packing the number or new characters into the second series was a mistake, but all will be forgiven if series 3 is as strong as the first.

Heroes series 2 is available as a 4-disc DVD set, packed with every knuckle-biting Season 2 episode and a great collection of exclusive extras.

Heroes Season 2 is out to own Monday 28th July 2008. Heroes Season 1&2 will also be available to own as a HEROES complete DVD box-set on Monday 28th July 2008 and will be released on Monday 25th August 2008.

Heroes – Season 2 DVD Details

Heroes DVD Extras:

  • Heroes Season 2 ? New Beginning? Tim Kring introduces us to the theme of ?xtraordinary people trying to live normal lives?
  • Alternate Ending and Alternate Episode #11

  • Audio Commentaries: Cast & Crew provide a running commentary of every episode

  • Season 3 Sneak Peek: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the third season premiere

  • Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint

  • The Drucker Files

  • Genetics of a Scene: The Anatomy of the Cherry Blossom Scene: An interview with the Executive Producer/ Director Allan Arkush

  • Genetics of a Scene: Maya and Alejandro Run from the Police: An interview with the Executive Producer/ Director Greg Beeman

  • Genetics of a Scene: The Final Scene

  • Deleted Scenes

Heroes Season 2

Release date: Monday 28th July 2008

Running time: Feature 7hrs 41minutes approx,
Bonus 2hrs 6 minutes approx

Format: 4 Disc DVD

CERT: 15

Price: ?4.99 RRP

Cat No: 8256371

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Audio: 5.1 & 2.0 Stereo

Subtitles English SDH

Copyright Line: Film ?2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Heroes Seasons 1&2

Release date: Monday 28th July 2008

Running time: 23 hrs 48minutes approx

Format: 11 Disc DVD

CERT: 15

Price: ?9.99 RRP

Cat No: 8256708

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Audio: 5.1 & 2.0 Stereo

Copyright Line: Film ?2006/2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Packaging Design ?2008 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved

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