Help Select Artwork for The Pack DVD


Prepare To Be Scared are giving horror fans the chance to get involved in choosing the DVD artwork for upcoming French bloodbath THE PACK, from a series of designs by British horror illustrator extraordinaire, Graham Humphreys.

The mastermind behind posters for A Nightmare on Elm Street, House of 1000 Corpses and The Evil Dead, Humphreys has created three alternative designs for the film?s DVD sleeve art ? and the decision as to which of these pencil sketches gets worked up into the final painted sleeve is in fans? hands

To see the design sketches and to vote for your favourite, check out the Facebook page, here:

You can also see a brand new clip and stills from The Pack, as well as trailers and images from other recent and upcoming horror releases, on the ?Prepare To Be Scared? website at


Alone on a road trip, Charlotte (?milie Dequenne ? ?Brotherhood of the Wolf?) stops at the side of an isolated side to pick up a hitchhiker, Max (Benjamin Biolay). But when the pair pulls into a truck-stop restaurant a few miles later, Max goes to the bathroom ? and disappears. Puzzled, Charlotte returns to the restaurant that night to look for him, only to become ensnared by La Spack (Yolande Moreau ? ?Am?lie?, ?Gainsbourg?), the sinister matriarch of a strange and terrifying ?pack?. Before long, Charlotte realises that she is next on the menu…

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