Hell In The UK

Is This Near Hell Enough For You

Jordan and Gordon Brown revealed as the UK?s most Hellish public figures

John Paul Sartre may have said that Hell was other people but the occupants of the UK have slightly different ideas. They believe that their ultimate idea of Hell would be to be stuck on an airplane surrounded by screaming children, Jordan and Gordon Brown. Jellied eels would be the only thing on the menu and Big Brother would be their entertainment.
The research was commissioned to launch Dante?s Inferno the video game based on Dante Alighieri?s epic renaissance poem, The Divine Comedy. Respondents were asked their views on a personal hell.

The top five hellish celebrities were:

? Jordan (30.3%)
? Amy Winehouse (19.7%)
? Russell Brand (14.2%)
? Kerry Katona (8.9%)
? Posh Spice (8.1%)

Over 18 million people (30% of Brits) thought that spending time with Jordan would be their idea of hell and her antics over the last few months have lead many to feel that she would have fitted right in to the nine layers of hell. Women in particular have taken a disliking to her lustful and wasteful lifestyle with over 32% voting her their most hellish celeb.
Nearly 21 million Brits (32.6% of UK) would go one step further and send Jordan to Hell if they could but surprisingly after a massive fall from grace in 2009 Kerry Katona only received 8% of the vote.

The top five hellish politicians were:

? Gordon Brown (26.4%)
? Nick Griffin (17%)
? George W Bush (15.6%)
? Tony Blair (12%)
? Ann Widdecombe (7.4%)

Ahead of the upcoming election Gordon Brown hasn?t fared too well, he was overwhelmingly voted the most hellish politician with over 12 million Brits (26% of UK) feeling that spending time with him would be hell. This is nearly 10% more than controversial politician Nick Griffin (17% of UK) and over 20% more than his main rival David Cameron (5.9%).

Everyday Situations:
The top five hellish situations are:

? Being stuck on an plane with a screaming child (32.7%)
? Being stuck in a lift (19.2%)
? Trying to sleep while someone is snoring (11.7%)
? Attending a pointless, boring meeting (8.9%)
? Taking a cold shower (6.4%)

Being stuck on a plane next to a screaming child is the nation?s idea of a hellish situation (32.7%) and with thousands jetting off for a bit of winter sun many Brits will find themselves in hell this winter, for a couple of hours at least.
The cold snap and resultant traffic chaos over the last couple of weeks has lead to 3.5 million Brits (5% of the UK) saying that being stuck in traffic is their idea of hell but they would still rather spend a night in their snow covered car than be stuck in a lift (19% of UK).


The top five hellish TV shows are:
? Big Brother (31.4%)
? Test Match Cricket (21.5%)
? I?m A Celebrity (10.1%)
? X Factor (8.6%)
? Match Of The Day (9%)
Two fifths of men (41.6%) deem watching Big Brother as their idea of hell, compared to a quarter of women (24.9%). It seems that Test Cricket is what puts women off with nearly a third of women putting this as their number one hellish programme (29.6%).

The top five hellish foods are:
? Jellied Eels (46.3%)
? Liver (9.5%)
? Hot Chillis (8.7%)
? Tofu (6.7%)
? Veal (6%)

Jellied eels are clearly the least popular food, almost half of the UK (46.3%) agree that eating them would be their idea of hell. The old school classic, liver, comes in second with one in ten voting this as their idea of hell (9.5%).
Based on part one of Dante Alighieri?s classic poem ?The Divine Comedy,? Dante?s Inferno is a 3rd person action adventure game that takes Dante on an epic journey through the nine layers of Hell as he seeks to rescue the soul of his beloved Beatrice. Dante?s Inferno is available for PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and the PSP on February 5th 2010.

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