Hell House LLC – From Abaddon to Origins


[Update 16 April 2023 Filming Has Started]

So what is next for the Hell House LLC horror Movie Franchise? It is the HELL HOUSE LLC ORIGINS: The Carmichael Manor Movie.


Those who follow me will know my love of Stephen Cognetti’s Found Footage horror series, despite my historic dislike of Found Footage movies. I have previously blogged about it here when the third film, Lake Of Fire, came to Shudder.

Despite the claim in the release video for the new movie, there has been some news from Terror Films as there was supposed to be a TV series set around the Hell House LLC mythos, The Abaddon Tapes. Though presumably this movie will either replace this limited series (or some hope this will be a spring board for the revival of this series).

The original Abaddon Tapes plan was to be a series of 6 episodes (presumably 45 mins each). Episode titles and concept art was released and it looked like it would be very cool.

Reading through the published details of the proposed series and re watching the trailer several times I think it is fair to say that elements from each of the episodes are being incorporated into this new movie, so probably replacing this series outline.

HELL HOUSE LLC ORIGINS: The Carmichael Manor trailer mentions key names from the series proposal. Andrew Tully obviously, he would have heavily featured in episodes 1 and 2. Carmichael  himself, now subject of the title of the movie, as the only survivor of the cult, would have been key in the third episode. The name Billy Braddock has been leaned on in the movies and now this trailer, he would have been subject of episode four, and finally and quite importantly the name Mitchell Cavanaugh is present. Mitchell is a key figure in the second movie and his character is set up in the first Hell House LLC film, he was set to ‘reappear’ in the last episode of the series, but due to the name drop in the trailer can we expect him to be in the new film? As his input in the mythos is post the other key events mentioned above is he going to appear in a talking head style? Might be be ‘finding’ or restoring/compiling Russel Wynn’s video? Possible, but suppose we will have to see.

It would be great to see some original cast reprising their roles. Time will tell.

The announcement Trailer is notably free of new footage, though some concept art has been included and one particular shot of a scarecrow seems to not come from the movie trilogy (though people are welcome to correct me on twitter).

What the trailer does do in addition to announce the new movie is to really sell the original trilogy, and hopefully will mean more views and a bigger audience for The Carmichael Manor and more from Stephen Cognetti in the future?

HELL HOUSE LLC ORIGINS: The Carmichael Manor trailer

So looks like we can expect the film Halloween 2023 approx.

Hopefully there will be more news soon.

Filming on Hell  House LLC Origins has Started!

Nice update here:

April 15th 2023 via Facebook.

“Shooting has officially begun on Hell House Origins: The Carmichael Manor! ”

Along with the photo.

The only other piece of information we managed to get at this stage is that Theodore Bouloukos is back in his roll from the first and third movie. No other cast has been mentioned on the IMDB yet, we asked around and the only comment we could get was a bit cryptic from Danny Bellini saying “As we all know, Alex is eternally connected to the Hell House. ;)” So he could be back, or possibly in another Origins film if they continue the trajectory of the Abaddon Tapes mini series

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