Hell House LLC LEGO Project


Combing 2 of my interests, my love for the Hell House LLC saga and LEGO.

I have started working on a LEGO project to build a minifig scale replica of the Abaddon Hotel from Hell House LLC.

A Little On Hell  House LLC.

The Hell House LLC movies are a series of found-footage horror films that follow a group of friends who set up a haunted house attraction in an abandoned hotel. The first movie, released in 2015, shows the group as they prepare for the opening night of their attraction, only to be terrorized by a series of unexplainable events that occur inside the hotel. The subsequent films in the series, released in 2018 and 2019, delve deeper into the history of the hotel and the malevolent forces that inhabit it, building upon the mythology established in the first movie.

The hotel used in the filming is part of a real horror / halloween attraction, The Waldorf Estate Of Fear.

It can be found Lehighton, PA.

Google Streetmaps has been my go to visual record for building the exterior.


I have attempted several layouts and have had the following progress. It is slower gong than I expected and I am learning the software as I go.

My first attempt at the road facing sideof the house:


Lego Hell House 1
Lego Hell House 1


Not happy with several aspects I tried a completely different build of the roof.




Though I liked the idea of the roof I had a number of issues, biggest ones were the fact it was too high and would be very difficult to join to the second part of the build.

So I dialled it back and cracked on.

The big idea was to get the exterior looking good before I worry about the insides.

The work to date was based on a single 32×32 lego baseplate.  With a bit of squeezing and compromise it fitted the first phase OK.

The house itself has a second phase away from the road, that has the main front doors featured in the film, then there is some structure to the back.

My next extension was to do the part with the main doors.

If I can finish these 2 baseplates worth of build ok this is where I would probably publish the designs on Bricklink.

Each time I look at the build I do worry if I should start again from scratch.


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