#HarrySullivan is trending! Classic Doctor Who Companion Goes Social


En route to answer the Brigadier’s summons, the TARDIS is dragged off course. The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry find themselves trapped on The Zephyr, a spaceship that is going at full speed and yet is unable to move. With fuel running dangerously low, their only hope lies on Alderasea, a nearby world exclusively for the famous and celebrated.

However, Alderasea has never heard of them and has no intention of letting them land…

Producer Alfie Shaw speaks about bringing Harry Sullivan to the front and centre: “#HarrySullivan is the very first Harry Sullivan story for Big Finish and I could not be more thrilled! Harry is a character I’ve loved for ages, and as soon as I took over as producer I knew I wanted to do a story with Harry. And luckily when we announced these four releases, it seemed that a lot of people agreed with me! Eddie Robson has created a gem of an adventure, it’s glorious fun from beginning to end.”

Doctor Who Short Trips – #HarrySullivan is available now at just £2.99 on download (only) from Big Finish.

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