In three or four months time someone may ask you if you saw that Halle Berry film; you know, the spooky one, Gothicy or something? I guarantee that, even if you saw it, you’ll think for a bit, roll your eyes and mutter “I think so. Yes, yes I’m sure I did?idn’t I?” GOTHIKA is that kind of film; it’s a perfectly serviceable, sometimes quite chilling little shocker. But it’s entirely forgettable and it won’t live long in your memory. It’s as if Halle, ticking off genres on her CV and having done the topless one, the superhero one, the Bond one and the Oscar one, decided it was time to have a go at the supernatural one.

Halle plays Miranda Grey, a psychiatrist in a gloomy, grey prison alongside Pete (Downey Jnr) and her chunky hubby Doug (Dutton). She’s a happy little psychiatrist. But one wildy and stormy night she swerve ]]>

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