Ghostbusters UK – TV Series Announced

Original Ghostbusters Poster
Original Ghostbusters Poster

The BBC have just announced that they are developing a UK spin of of the hit 1980s movies GHOSTBUSTERS. Sharing the same production staff and studios as Doctor Who in Wales the initial 13 part series aims to be aired in 2010. Doctor Who’s Russel T Davies is to be executive producer and the key writer is to be Being Human creator Toby Whithouse. The cast is tightly under wraps, but Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and John Simm are all hotly tipped to have major roles in the series. The series – set 20 years after the events of the last movie, After huge media sucess of the original Ghostbusters in New York allows Dr. Peter Venkman and Dr. Egon Spengler to set up a limited series of worldwide franchises. Story rumours also hint that Dan Aykroid’s character Ray Stantz has been missing for 10 years and may just make an appearance in the UK Ghostbusters TV series. But are we going to see the fantastic Ghostbusters on the big screen at any time? I think not. “TV is the new media of choice for developing story and characters” Executive producer Dan Apriloid states. “We now have much more freedom in what we can do and the storys we can tell. The Doctor Who production team suit this production down to the ground, their understanding of the challenges of the genre has been built up with sucessful shows like Dr Who and Torchwood”. Cannot wait!!!

Yes this was an obvious april fool – but the Ghostbusters 3 movie seems to firmly be on the cards, cannot wait for this making the Ghostbusters series of films a Ghostbusters Trilogy at last!

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