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Get Smart DVD Cover
Get Smart DVD Cover

60s spy spoof remake Get Smart is released on DVD and bluray? on 23rd Feb 2009. Below find a quick question and answer with a couple of the stars, Masi Oka (better known as Hiro from Heroes) Nate Torrence and Dwane Johnson (better known as The Rock)

Masi Oka (Bruce) & Nate Torrence (Lloyd) Interview

QUESTION: I need to start with this question – are techies superior to agents?

NATE TORRENCE: Obviously in looks as well as brains.

QUESTION: So you guys get the girls?

NATE TORRENCE: Of course we do. Women like warm and cozy guys!

QUESTION: Can you describe the jobs your characters have? You are really the guys behind the scenes making it happen.

MASI OKA: We are the brain and soul of CONTROL. We are the wind beneath CONTROL?s wings – without us things wouldn’t happen.

NATE TORRENCE: But no one else thinks that except us. It is the truth of the characters.

QUESTION: I have heard that there was a lot of improvisation on set. Is this true?

MASI OKA: A lot yes. You can make a whole film on all the improv that we did.

QUESTION: What was it like to film the scene where you try to stop Max with the gun? That was one of my favorite scenes.

NATE TORRENCE: That was just really fun because it was I think the first physical scene that we did. I like physical comedy so I was really enjoying falling all day long. I do remember that I was wearing George Clooney‘s elbow pads, oddly enough in that scene. They [wardrobe] said at least put something on your elbows. So I put these pads on and they said G. Clooney on it. I am like what is that.I’m like yeah George wore these so ladies ? anybody? – any takers?

MASI OKA: George Clooney and Nate Torrance‘s sweat mixed.

QUESTION: Now you guys have your own parallel story in Get Smart?s Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control a made for DVD companion to the film of Get Smart. Is this where you do get the girls?

NATE TORRENCE: There we go – we become the agents.

QUESTION: So tell me a little bit about what that was like what the storyline is why people should see it.

NATE TORRENCE: It is kind of cool. What you are going to see on the DVD is basically what is going on back in the lab when Max and Agent 99 go off on their mission. We end up having to go on a mission of our own. One of the inventions gets stolen and we have to become Agents because no one else can get it back besides us.

MASI OKA: More action, more comedy, more romance, more gadgets. There is a lot more, double the gadgets.

QUESTION: Was it exciting that you got to be the leads in your own story?

NATE TORRENCE: Yes it was and this is not just a little tiny movie. It is off of Get Smart so it was really cool. The timeline is going to be the same so it weaves in and out of the first one. So it makes it unique on a marketing level and on a business level and then just fun getting to hang out with each other some more and dab into these characters.

QUESTION: I understand that you guys are hosting a special feature on the DVD describing things from the TV show that are seeded throughout the film.

MASI OKA: There is definitely (homage to the TV show in the film).

NATE TORRENCE: I love how the filmmakers were really creative with how they wove the TV elements, the shoe phone, the cone of silence, the cars.

MASI OKA: There are small things that are really out there. Iconic lines and also subtle things that you don’t recognize.

Dwayne Johnson (Agent 23) Q&A

QUESTION: So what was it like to play Agent 23?

DWAYNE JOHNSON: It was great. Since the character that I played wasn’t part of the original television series, I thought it was fun and challenging because no one had anything to compare it to. I really enjoyed finding a balance of the character who is pretty arrogant in a non-threatening way. Full of himself, loves the adulation, loves the fact that he walks into a room and people literally give him a standing ovation. That is the way I like to roll. Unfortunately, nobody gets up when I walk into a room. That was the fun part about creating this and to trying to find that balance of a character again who was exceedingly arrogant but yet endearing. Funny, charming, kind of loveable.

QUESTION: Did you give Steve any advice on being an action star and was it a challenge at all because of the improvisation?

DWAYNE JOHNSON: I didn’t give Steve Carell any tips at all in terms of the action. The truth is that everyone always asks me that but Steve and Anne are both committed actors so when you are committed that way, you are willing to go above and beyond whatever is asked of you in terms of the action. I don’t think you have to be proficient in throwing a punch or being a stuntman. I think you just have to be committed to it. If you have a good amount of capacity to learn then you will do well.

QUESTION: What was it like for you to work on a set with so much improvisation? Was it a challenge?

DWAYNE JOHNSON: I think the wonderful thing here is that we all bring different styles of comedy to this set. It was a great emergence of everybody coming together and it all fit very nicely too. It is like a hand fitting into a glove, just really really nice and smooth. What benefited me greatly was while Steve had Second City, I had four hours of live TV in sports entertainment for five years and it is that shock and guerilla style of shooting where it is all ad-libbed. So by the time I get onto a set like this and where you are working with comedic geniuses and titans like Steve Carell and Alan Arkin, you are prepared that way and I loved that. I love the part about shooting with those guys. They were great and we had struck gold, which is what wound up making the movie.

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