“What do you mean prepare to die? I just wanted a pen knife. . .”

Another month, another Dredd, but this month’s audio prog is of a different breed to the previous releases. With Get Karter! Big Finish have made a foray into the darker side of the Dredd mythology, and come out with a standout audio prog.

The story, which this month is not a wham bang thank you ma’am actioner, but more of a dramatic brooding drama is excellently written by ex 2000ad editor David Bishop. The basic premise is following on from the events of The Big Shot! Judges Dredd and Steel take a trip over to Brit Cit (read a really really big London, without Ken Livingstone.) The main idea is this: after the assassin Erebus attempted to kill ol’stoney face, Dredd wants to get even with mob boss Karter, the man who sent the killer. Tagging along is Steel, who wants to get Karter for her own reasons.

To say too much about the plot would spoil a very good ?.99’s worth of story, so I won’t blurt out what happens in the end, or the devious and very Dredd plot twist in the end of the tale. All I will say of the ending is this: it is the best, most original ending that any of the audio dramas have had so far, and I hope beyond all hope that writer David Bishop resolves this one day in an exciting and well structured plot arc, and not just a one off story!

Once again, the brilliant supporting characters are all here- Detective Judge Armitage is another brilliantly written and acted character. This man is every member of the Sweeny morphed into one man (shut it you little worm!) with expletives flying around throughout. And that is one point I would like to make about this audio- this isn’t really one to put in the stocking. The source material for this one is very dark (at one point Dredd beats the living daylights out of several Brit Cit bobby’s, before laying into a female Judge; he’s is then beaten and tortured, following that, throws his torturer out of a window, with amusing sound fx etc.)

Also, the swearing is more profuse, and the ending is both bleak and violent. Apart from that, this is a lovely friendly, festive play (notice the irony.) Oh yes, one more thing, Dredd finds a criminal in his flat, mangled and choking to death.

In cinematic terms, this is a twelve, but then again certain moments could be a fifteen, but this is only if it were shown to us; with this its more imagination kicking in.

Overall though, Get Karter rounds off a very successful 2002 for the boys and girls at Big Finish. Over a few months they have kicked off a new set of audio dramas, and kept up the quality throughout. All the actors involved are perfectly cast; the sound quality is excellent, as are the plots and dialogue. So raise a glass of cherry, or whatever you’re drinking- to Big Finish and 2000ad- keep up the Scrotnig work! Now to bombard the producers with emails for a Blakes 7 audio seriesNU.

ANY GOOD?: Another high quality audio from BF, one of the best. But with the darker tone comes problems, the violence and swearing, which I as a 15 year old have no problem with, may be a problem for parents out there listening to this release. But apart from that, a deeper plot than usual, more character development and a very bleak memorable finale’ makes this another success. And the ten minute interview with the Dredd actors in the end is very funny indeed! Now, roll on I Love Judge DreddU.



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