Free Torchwood Audio From Big Finish? I don’t Mind If I Do!

Torchwood: A Postcard From Mr Colchester
Torchwood: A Postcard From Mr Colchester

Paul Clayton stars in a brand-new, extra special Torchwood mini-episode, released today as a free audio download from Big Finish Productions. 
Mr Colchester offers a few disgruntled words on the state of the Earth as aliens question why he bothers to protect it from invasions. But, until the world succeeds in self-destruction, the grumpy but loveable civil servant has a job to do.

Torchwood: A Postcard From Mr Colchester, written by James Goss, is now available to download completely free for any listener at the Big Finish website: (Registration required.)  

Producer James Goss said: “It’s a thank you present to our fans for sticking with us since the end of God Among Us in 2019. Torchwood’s Mr Colchester reassuring us that, no matter how bad things get, there’s always someone looking out for us.”

Paul Clayton added: “What a joy to get ‘A Postcard from Mr Colchester’. He’s certainly a one-off which is why he’s such a joy to play and the chance to learn even more about what makes him tick is great for both me, his alter ego, and his friends and fans. And if Mr Colchester isn’t on your Christmas card list as yet, get this postcard from him, and I’m sure he soon will be.” 


A selection of other free audio adventures and excerpts is available at the Big Finish For Free website page, here:  


Torchwood: A Postcard From Mr Colchester will also be included as a bonus download with any purchase of Torchwood: Death in Venice – in which Mr Colchester embarks on another adventure with Ace (Sophie Aldred) – due for release later this month. 

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