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Genre author Stephen Hunt has made the first novel of his two-book ‘Six Against The Stars’ science fiction series free for readers to download on the Amazon Kindle. The free download offer is running from now until the end of Sunday 8th December.


As the self-proclaimed biggest coward in the galaxy, Horatio has it easy on what passes for 40th century America. A much-favoured sycophant in the court of the King of Earth, Horatio lives in a genetically engineered paradise where there?s a vat-grown slave waiting around every marble column with a bunch of grapes to drop into his oh-so perfectly designed mouth.

Unfortunately for Horatio, the artificial intelligence that rules the great mass of humanity spread across the stars has other plans for this feckless seducer. So, if you ever wonder how the galaxy?s biggest coward finds himself actually trying to save it, you?re not alone? but then, unfortunately, neither is our hero!

His misadventures are abetted by a psychotic Martian warrior, a robot who thinks it?s related to Sherlock Holmes, a beautiful genetically enhanced assassin, a scientist with a computer for a brain, and a millennia-old clone who was alive when the last U.S. President was executed by a firing squad.

It?s six against the galaxy. Six against the stars. They?ll save the universe? but they might damage it first.

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