Free Sci-fi Round – Up

The First Church on the Moon
The First Church on the Moon

Not quite mid month, but pay day does seem a very long way away. Thanks to the internet there are a number of quality free range of science fiction titles out there.

Although usually limited time only we are aiming to bring the best every few weeks in a semi regular column about free scifi.

1)  First Church Of The Moon

by John Higgs (@johnhiggs on twitter, follow him and say hi from @scifind)

Alcohol and life on the moon do not mix.

It is the morning after the night before, and a number of problems face the staff of the Steve Moore Moonbase. The first lunar wedding was not a success. A visiting Bishop has a ridiculous obsession about how some “Americans” supposedly landed on the moon on 1969 CE. A phenomenal amount of energy is being used to broadcast an insult at the entire populations of Asia, Europe and Africa. And everyone on the Moon is going to die.

It is not, on the face of it, the best day for handling an unprecedented evolution in metaphysics.

But lunar hangovers are no different to their earth equivalents: no matter how bad things seem, you can always get through them. And everyone is welcome at the first church on the moon.

Kindle version is available free here this is a limited offer so hurry up.

2) The Sound Within (Audio)

By Neil Gardner, read by John Banks

The Sound Within is a very short story written by Neil Gardner, award-winning radio writer/producer/director. It is a piece of speculative, existentialist science fiction, about a mysterious space and how this space, and the sarkness without are defined by their lack of characteristics.

Read by leading audio performer JOHN BANKS (Doctor Who, Big Finish, Allo Allo).

This is a free taster of SpokenWorld Audio’s top notch output. Although not limited, download now to avoid being dissapointed.

Good and free things come in threes, so also check out SpokenWorld’s Saya’s Last Gasp read by Doctor Who’s Louise Jameson

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