Free Preview Chapter of Double Dead

Double Dead
Double Dead (Tomes of the Dead)

Abbadon announce the release of Double Dead by Chuck Wendig 10th November in the UK and 15th in US & Canada

What does a vampire eat during the zombie apocalypse?

Coburn has a problem ? he?s just woken up from a five year sleep to find that human civilisation has fallen in the face of the zombie apocalypse. He likes blood. They like brains. So, yeah ? problem.

And now he?s starving. So this vampire not only has to find human survivors but must become an unlikely shepherd with a shotgun. After all, a man has to look after his food supply…

A thrilling chase across a zombie-infested America ? but with a twist ? Double Dead is Chuck Wendig?s fantastically entertaining, blood-thirsty, brain-guzzling debut novel.

As part of Abaddon?s READ ANYTHING campaign, a free preview of chapter one of Double Dead is available for download! Check out the epub version, the Kindle version or the .pdf version now, for free!

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