Find Out What Happens After the Blake’s 7 Intergalactic War!


Revealed today a brand-new turbulent box set based on Terry Nation’s TV cult-classic Blake’s 7, due for release in November 2022 from Big Finish Productions.

The galactic war has unexpected repercussions. Humanity struggles. The Federation is reeling. And enemies are still at large. Jenna Stannis, Cally and Space Commander Travis each have their own startling encounter with an alien threat from a distant world.

The opening full-cast audio drama, set between 1979’s episodes The Keeper and Star One, uncovers what led Travis (Brian Croucher) to betray humanity. Then, Jenna (Sally Knyvette) and Cally (Jan Chappell) face the chaos that followed! And for the first time, the shape-shifting killer aliens who provoked the war emerge from the shadows…

The Worlds of Blake’s 7: After the War is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD box set (+ download for just £19.99) or downloads only (for just £16.99), exclusively from

Joining the stellar cast is Emmy-award winning actress Ella Smith (The Nevers, Ray & Liz), Adrian Lukis (Toast of Tinseltown, Feel Good), Niall Macgregor (Line of Duty) and Simon Ludders (Young Dracula, Bridgerton).

The trio of suspenseful stories are as follows:

Andromeda One by Trevor Baxendale

Space Commander Travis knows that a data thief on the volcanic planet Amerinth can crack the encrypted coordinates for Star One. His road to hell is paved with bad intentions. Will an old acquaintance help him or thwart his treacherous purpose?

Fallout by Steve Lyons

When her life capsule crashes on a farming world, Jenna Stannis strikes up an uneasy alliance with the local population and a suspicious Federation officer. Will any of them recognise the alien menace that threatens to destroy their fragile coalition –and their lives?

The Enemy by Katharine Armitage

In the aftermath of their narrow escape from a devastated Liberator, Cally tracks down Jenna to a dilapidated space service station. Can Cally rescue her old friend and get them both to safety? Or has she unwittingly fallen into a deadly telepathic trap?

Writer of Andromeda One, Trevor Baxendale said: “This story deep dives into the reasons behind Travis’ defection from the Federation. It also lifts the lid on the Andromedans — looking at who they really are, why they want to invade and how they think they can get away from it. It’s unchartered territory!

“Travis is one of my favourite Blake’s 7 characters and I’ve been able to take him right to brink of his ultimate fate and final action. It’s easy to see Travis as a straight-forward black and white villain but he sees himself as both the hero and the victim of his own story — it’s nice to explore that aspect.”

Steve Lyons, who wrote Fallout, added: “I think diving into the alien war really raises the stakes as it means there’s a bigger threat than the Federation for once. On TV, Avalon, Vila, and Cally all seem to land a long way away from the fighting and I wanted Jenna to find out that the war was still very far from over.

“Jenna really comes into her own when she’s away from Blake. It was fun to see how much she’s changed and for her to discover who she is without him.”

Katharine Armitage, writer of The Enemy, said: “Cally’s greatest strengths are turned against her as her attempt to save Jenna transforms into a torturous telepathic trap!

“The Enemy is much more intimate than my other Blake’s 7 work. I absolutely loved making everything a lot more focused, claustrophobic, and personal. I love Blake’s 7 so much and what Big Finish has done to keep it alive is just joyous! There are so many questions about this era so it’s just delicious to fill in the gaps.”

The Worlds of Blake’s 7: After the War is available to pre-order for just £19.99 (collector’s edition CD box set + download) or £16.99 (download only) from the Big Finish website.

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after the general release.

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