Fiefdom by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent – Abaddon Books.


New York Times bestselling author Dan Abnett and writing partner Nik Vincent are set to lead readers into a post-apocalyptic Berlin in their brand new SF series based on Abnett’s cult classic comic Kingdom.

Set in a distant apocalyptic future, Abnett’s original 2000 AD comic series (co-created with artist Richard Elson) depicts the wanderings of the anthropomorphic Aux, a pack of genetically engineered dog-soldiers lead by alpha male Gene the Hackman, as they roam the country tracking down the monstrous threat of “Them” at the behest of their unseen masters, their orders appearing like dim voices on the wind.

Returning for this brand new series the dynamic writing team of Abnett and Vincent, shift the action from the comic’s isolated wastelands of the Southern hemisphere to the frozen north of Europe, where the stories of “Them” are now just folk legends and the Aux fight amongst themselves in the ruins of Berlin. But as “Them” draw ever closer once again can Aux Believer Evelyn War help ensure the fate of the Aux?

Abnett has been described by The Guardian as “probably the best writer of dark military SF in the world,” and in Fiefdom both he and Vincent are on top form, effortlessly deploying their linguistic wit throughout the text: from the literary and film based puns of the character names, to the created language of the warring Aux that will delight fans of Burgess’ seminal A Clockwork Orange.

Fiefdom is a modern classic of SF that will unite readers of the cult comic, fans of Vincent’s Warhammer fantasy novels, and those approaching both authors’ work for the first time.

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