Festive Horror Comic – Evil Dead 2: A Merry Deadite Christmas

Evil Dead 2: A Merry Deadite Christmas

So Space Goat have done it again. They have taken their Evil Dead 2 comic book licence and put it to good use again. Their last publication did tackle the festive season with The Revenge Of Krampus, this time round Ash encounters the Spirit Of Christmas Present.

Don’t worry Space Goat haven’t fallen into the Christmas Carol trap, but Ash is tipped off to some Deadite goings on in a seasonal theme park.

With Evil Elves, Deadly Dodgems and the obligatory Killer Christmas Tree this Snowy issue sees the action to be expected from out hapless hero.

Fast paced, with lots of humour and smatterings of blood Evil Dead 2: A Merry Deadite Christmas is a great little yuletide tale.

See below for some preview pages from this issue of the Evil Dead 2 Comic Series.

For further information on the Evil Dead comic series, to fnd where to buy issues see the Space Goat Publishing website.

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