Famous Monster – the Forrest J. Ackerman Documentary

Famous Monster Cover - click to order
Famous Monster Cover - click to order

Famous Monster observes the life of the world’s most illustrious science fiction and horror devotee, Forrest J. Ackerman.

Ackerman, the writer, editor and literary agent who’s been attributable to coining the term “Sci-Fi” in the 1950s, has inspired generations of young horror film buffs and some of Hollywoods most prosperous film-makers with what will forever be titled the first movie monster magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Through the use of archive footage, clips and interviews with Ackerman and some of the biggest names in fantasy films he inspired, (Roger Corman, Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, John Landis, Joe Dante, and George Clayton Johnson, among others) Famous Monster shows the journey Ackerman took as he grew up from being a kid reading Amazing Stories magazine and watching movies like Metropolis and Phantom of The Opera, to a literary agent to the biggest names in fantasy writing, to the editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

This fast-paced, profile of Ackerman is packed full of all of extras including, deleted interviews, and a tour of the infamous Ackermansion, which houses Forrys 300,000 piece collection of horror memorabilia, regarded as one of the world’s largest personal collection of science fiction and fantasy memorabilia

Famous Monster is a true collectable and a wonderful tribute to the man who created the world of science fiction.

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