Exclusive Flash Gordon 2008 Interview



scifind.com manages to catch up with one of the stars of the forthcoming series FLASH GORDON.

Actor Johnathan Walker who plays Rankol in the series managed to spare a some time for an exclusive interview for scifind.com

As an experient we have split the interview into 3 parts and posted on the video sharing site Youtube, where we have started our own channel and hope to bring you a number of exclusive videos, interviews and more

Rankol is Ming? Chief Scientist and conceals many secrets. His body twisted and deformed by the toxic Grey Water of Mongo, Rankol should have been exiled to the Banelands with the rest of the mutant Deviates. But his brilliant mind gave him a way out, taking him to the highest corridors of power that he navigates with the aid of a hovering transport device he designed himself.

JONATHON LLOYD WALKER? recent credits include Paramount’s feature film SHOOTER co-starring Mark Walhberg, ABC’s comedy series MEN IN TREES with Anne Heche, and the SCI FI channel series STARGATE-SG1. He? also starring in the forthcoming movie TRAITOR, with GUY PIERCE, DON CHEADLE and JEFF DANIELS

WALKER was born and raised in Henley-on-Thames, England. He began acting as a toddler appearing in British television commercials. Later he performed in various school musicals, many of which were choreographed by the mother of his schoolmate Christian Bale (BATMAN BEGINS). His family moved to Canada when he was a teenager and he continued acting in both school plays and with the Children’s Theatre Company in Montreal.

After completing University, as well as service as an officer in the Canadian Infantry, Jonathan resumed his passion for acting and began his professional career in Vancouver. His early work included the roles in the television movie VOLCANO: FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN, the series VIPER, and multiple appearances on the iconic series THE X-FILES. As his career progressed he continued to play diverse and complex roles like ?ark Twain?in THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF JULES VERNE and ?esus Christ?in THE SECOND COMING.


From mythic comic strip conqueror to pulp-serial superstar legend, FLASH GORDON returns exclusively on the SCI FI channel for the 21st century in an action-packed new series about the greatest hero on Earth?nd beyond.

The brand new series will receive its exclusive UK premiere on the SCI FI Channel on Monday 3 March at 8pm. The show has already wowed audiences across the pond?The highly anticipated pilot episode premiered on SCI FI channel in the States on August 10, 2007, receiving incredible ratings that outstripped any Friday night programme on the channel since BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA in November 2006.

The series is based upon the 1936 Alex Raymond comic-strip about three friends who battle an evil ruler on the planet Mongo. Although a blast-from-the-past, this incarnation has been totally re-vamped for the present, with less camp and more tongue-in-cheek humour, strong appeal for women as well as blokes, and a seriously sexy cast?led by former SMALLVILLE star ERIC JOHNSON (pictured left). Key plot features have been downscaled to make way for an up-to-date version, which now includes time-travel and a modern-day setting.

Fans will be most pleased to see the return of character favourites like Ming The Merciless and Dr. Zarkov. GINA HOLDEN (BLOOD TIES and ALIEN VS. PREDATOR) has also been cast in the popular role of Flash? love interest, Dale. CHARMED writer Peter Hulme and the director Rick Rosenthal (HALLOWEEN III, BAD BOYS, SMALLVILLE, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) were recruited to respectively write and direct episodes of the series.

With such a rich heritage, SCI FI has commissioned a special one hour-long documentary, called THE FLASH GORDON STORY (scheduled at 7pm on Monday 3rd March). The programme includes insight from a variety of comedians, actors, journalists and comic book aficionados, who all talk about the evolution of Flash through the ages. As you can see from the image on the left, Flash has definitely never looked so good!

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