Enter the Gallifrey War Room! New Time War Doctor Who from BigFinish


The War Room. Doctor WhoDid you really think the Time War was over? Think again!  
A new chapter has begun with a brand-new audio box set (the first of four volumes) uncovering the political tension of Gallifrey’s War Room.  
As announced at the Gallifrey Doctor Who convention in LA back in February, Louise Jameson stars as Leela in Gallifrey – War Room: Allegiance. The incredible cast also includes Richard Armitage, Seán Carlsen, Ken Bones, and Carolyn Pickles. 

Leela is right at the heart of the Time War in the first box set in a new series exploring Gallifrey’s cut-throat political strategies, released today by Big Finish Productions. 

A new era has dawned for Gallifrey as the curtain is pulled back on its War Room – where the all-powerful Time Lords gather to plot their top-secret political manoeuvres. 

In Allegiance, Leela (Louise Jameson) is forced to fight for the corrupted leader, Rassilon (Richard Armitage). But she hasn’t given up on freeing Romana from imprisonment. Caught in the crossfire of the Time Lords and the Daleks (Nicholas Briggs), how far will she go to complete her mission? And who can she trust? 

Also returning to the Gallifrey battlegrounds is the General (Ken Bones), Ollistra (Carolyn Pickles), Rasmus (Chris Jarman), Veklin (Beth Chalmers) and Narvin (Seán Carlsen).

Gallifrey: War Room: Allegiance is now available to own as a collector’s edition 4-disc CD box set (+ download for just £24.99) or as a digital download (for just £19.99), exclusively from www.bigfinish.com.
The incredible cast also includes Nicholas Rowe (Young Sherlock Holmes, The Crown), Rish Shah (Ms. Marvel, To All the Boys: Always and Forever), Daon Broni (Teachers, Doctors), Zora Bishop (Angela Black, Coronation Street), and Peter Bankolé (Peaky Blinders).

Gallifrey is at war. At the heart of the Capitol, the War Room co-ordinates the fight against the Daleks.  

Leela has been forced into service, alongside the General and his soldiers, taking orders from Cardinals Rasmus and Ollistra.  

But this being Gallifrey, politics are never forgotten. Some serve Rassilon, some serve themselves, and some have their own cause. The Time War will test them all.

The four action-packed audio adventures in this box set are as follows: 

Last Days of Freme by Lou Morgan  

Leela is assigned to the War Room by Lord Rassilon himself. There, she finds an earlier incarnation of Ollistra, restored from the Matrix to oversee operations. She has a mission for Leela, and will go to any lengths to ensure compliance…  

The Passenger by David Llewellyn  

Cardinal Rasmus arrives in the War Room and vies for control with Ollistra. But first, they have a mystery to solve: a sole survivor from a Dalek attack has returned home – but is he a hero, or a threat?  

Collateral Victims by Alfie Shaw  

Rasmus, Leela and Veklin are dispatched into dangerous territory: a place where time itself is in tatters. One TARDIS and its crew has already been lost – will the Norvis system claim another?  

The First Days of Phaidon by Sophie Iles  

Phaidon was one of the first worlds destroyed in the Time War – but now it is back. Daleks and Time Lords race to the planet’s new location: something has arrived which could turn the course of the war. And for Leela, an even greater shock awaits…

Louise Jameson said: “I’m so thrilled! I thought we’d said goodbye to Gallifrey and here we are, back again. Leela’s whole trajectory is to free Romana — come what may, come hell or high water, whatever it takes — even if that means sacrificing her own morality. I love that she just keeps her objective in mind all of the time. 

“It’s a very interesting situation that Big Finish have put her in. There are some new writers here for me and they’ve taken me by surprise in a really lovely way. It’s true of this whole world that absolutely anything is possible at any time.”

Director Samuel Clemens added: “I was so intrigued to see where the writers were going to take this enormous saga. Louise Jameson is just fabulous and an absolute delight to work with. She really does have such command and leads this box set where it needs to go over the four stories.”


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