The Edge: Dawnfall Board Game Kickstarter by Awaken Realms


Awaken Realms are a miniature painting studio, miniatures creators, games creators and publishers. #

They have teamed up with Polish fantasy writer, Krzysztof Piskorski, to create a boardgame immersed in a rich Steampunk Universe.

The miniatures are amazingly detailed and coupled with a pick up and play philosophy for the game itself it looks to be a winning combination.

The World

Find out more by downloading a collection of stories from the world here.

There is also a comic book.

The Edge: Dawnfall Board Game

The Edge: Dawnfall will provide special starting scenarios, so that players will be able to open the game and immediately start playing!



Dynamic skills

While designing skill cards we did not want to go the easy way and put “+x bonus” on them. Instead we designed them to be highly dynamic and story related. Hound pulling sniper on his line of movement? Angel of Death with a final charge from the sky? Brute taunting his enemies? All possible in The Edge!

Campaign mode

The Edge will have also rich campaign story mode, where the game will be played on 2 boards: economic /political map of the world and regular, conflict Board Game for resolving battles. This way, game will play on two levels, just like in Total War computer games series.

Story scenarios

Scenarios will enable you to dive into rich The Edge universe, where you will learn about each factions motivation.They will also force you to take hard decisions with consequences later on in the game.

Asymmetric factions

Each faction from The Edge have different set of units, skill cards and other feel of play. This makes every match up really exciting and you can find a game style that will fit you best.

Large hex system

With large hex system we believe we brought revolution to overall movement and game dynamic. All actions are operated on small hex, but all movement and ranges are considered with Large Hexes (7 small hexes). This way, it is very easy to move around and flow of the game on big board is amazing!

Size DOES matter

The Edge comes with really BIG miniatures and we want you to feel their power and presence. Big units can push over smaller units out of their positions and this gives the game additional dimension.

Game is growing

Gameplay is focused on gathering crystals that will be added to your mana pool. They are constant source of power for your skills. Players are growing in power turn by turn and game is more tense with time.

Build your army and your deck

You will be able to build your army and deck of skills. Thousands of possibilities limited only by your imagination!

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