. Based on the phenomenally popular role-playing game of the same name, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is one of the most imaginative and fondly remembered animated series of the 1980s.

The story revolves around six kids, Bobby, Sheila, Hank, Eric, Diane and Preston, who visit an amusement park and are mysteriously propelled into the magical but perilous realm of the Dungeon Master by one of the theme park’s rides. In this new dimension, they are given the roles and various skills of a barbarian, a thief, a ranger, a cavalier, an acrobat and a magician. With the help of their new friend, Uni the Unicorn, the kids embark on a search for the gateway back to their own world. But their quest to find a way home is dogged every step of the way by the evil and powerful Venger.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS presents a dazzling combination of fantasy action, comedy, strong characterisation and involving storylines that appeals to children and adults alike.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS VOLUME 2 will be available to buy on DVD from 21st June 2004. .

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