Doctor Who: Sleepers in the Dust


Doctor Who: Sleepers in the Dust

Written by Darren Jones

Read by Arthur Darvill

Published by AudioGo

This latest single disc story featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory is a sequel of sorts to writer Jones’ previous The Eye of the Jungle, revolving around the alien Nadurni race he created for that earlier story.

In this tale, the Doctor and his companions land on the Nadurni homeworld, which they find strangely derelict and deserted save for a small Nadurni research crew. Soon a seeming contagion leads to the planet being quarantined, and with Amy infected, the Doctor and Rory must travel to Nadurniss’ distant past to find a cure.

At 75 minutes, this audio packs in a great many ideas, and a plot spanning over 2,000 years (a period of time Rory knows only too well). The Nadurni are an interesting race, and the contagion, taking the form of a parasitic being bursting from the host body, evokes the body horror of Cronenberg and Alien. The description of the fate of those infected helps to drive the tension when Amy falls to the plague.

The tale is narrated in the first person by Rory, and with Arthur Darvill revisiting his role, this is a very effective reading. Evocative sound effects bring the scenes in the present, and Nadurniss’ past, vividly to life. As the Doctor uncovers a history of genetic manipulation, there are even echoes of Genesis of the Daleks.

This is a very welcome addition to the canon of Amy and Rory’s travels, and with Snakebite following in December, one gets the impression of a closing window before the tales of the Doctor and Clara/Oswin take their place. Make the most of these while you can.

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