Doctor Who LEGO Licence Announced

Doctor Who Lego: 11th Doctor and Amy Pond
Doctor Who Lego: 11th Doctor and Amy Pond

It has been announced in a press release by the BBC here that the Doctor Who characters and scenes from the TV series are going to be transformed into LEGO sets.

Starting with a set of 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) LEGO sets and over the next 3 years revealing sets detailing memorable scenes from the past Doctors.

There is a short promotional video of the prototype first sets below.

The public demand for Doctor Who LEGO was started in 1999 with the announcement of other classic Science Fiction franchise STAR WARS taking LEGO form.

Since Star Wars LEGO other franchises like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean have been adopted into LEGO form.

Dr Who Lego Promo Video

Thank you to for the image and the video – hope you didn’t mind it being featured here.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, yes this is a poorly put together 11th hour April Fools Post by SciFind.

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