The first episode was a mix of an introduction to the alien and ‘immortal’ nature of the Doctor, an introduction to his new companion Rose and an attempt to show the usual ‘Doctor saves London from Invasion’ that was so common during the 70’s.

Although the Eccleston Doctor was suitably alien, entertaining and full of potential the only thing to lack was familiarity, but this is the bane of all new actors to step into the character of the Doctor. I haven’t had time to re watch the episode but I am sure that with a couple of viewings behind me I will accept the Eccleston Doctor more.

Plot and presentation wise I must say that (after the first 10 minutes when we actually see the new Doctor) the pace is really fast ?maybe too fast as the whole episode feels that it should have been better as episodes 3 and 4 of a 4 parter in the shows original format.

The humorous elements were unnecessarily, funny and clich?(in that order) the main two that spring to mind is the Auton Dummy arm attacking the Doctor while Rose is still jabbering on oblivious and the ‘burping’ wheelie bin. But I must remember that the show is targeted (as it should be) at 8-12 year olds, with the cross appeal to the adult audience ?so I shouldn’t take it too seriously.

The character of Clive, found by Rose with an Internet search for ‘Doctor and Blue Box’, is a conspiracy nut who has a shed worth of Documents about this mysterious man called the Doctor ?with images across many years, has real potential to rejoin the show, something I would love to see.

Special effects were passable (again as they should be) with some of the CGI looking a little too much like CGI (if you get my drift). But the first band of Autons that we saw actually looked menacing!

I an really looking forward to more from the Eccleston Doctor and although mildly disappointed with the first installment I am confident that the show will get a lot better and flourish.]]>

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