Doctor Who – Enemy of the Daleks Just ?10.99


April Pre orders only, are selling the new Big Finish – Enemy of the DaleksDoctor Who audio for just ?10.99, saving ?4 on the RRP. Shopscifi are confident that this is the lowest preorder price for this title.

Bliss used to be a paradise planet. The Galapagos Islands of space. But when the TARDIS brings the Doctor, Ace and Hex to Bliss, it?s been over-run with ironweed plants, and the air is heavy with the stench of burnt silk and static electricity.

If you have lapsed on the excelent BigFinish audio dramas this would be a perfect time to get reaquainted with the monthly series of Doctor Who audios.

If you havent seen BigFinish’s output for a while, they have expanded well past the Dr Who fandom audios that they started out with. BigFinish now produce audio dramas and ‘dramatic’ audio books of top scifi franchises like Stargate, Highlander and the new BBC Robin Hood.

The new Robin Hood titles include one narrated by David Harewood who plays Friar Tuck in the new BBC Robin Hood series (that started last week). The title read by David Harewood is Friendly Fire.

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