Do We Need Another Fantasy RPG?


We have Dungeons and Dragons and a million other dungeon crawler Role Play Games.

We have Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay currently published by Cubicle 7.

But now a Fantasy RPG in the worlds of Kings Of War / Vanguard is being crowd funded.

I have a thing about Mantic Games (despite not getting that job, Ronnie :) ) – In particular their Walking Dead Tabletop game and their Fantasy Skirmish Game Vanguard. Well the new Game, Kings of War the Roleplaying Game is currently attempting to fund on Kickstarter

This roleplay game fills the gap in the Mantic Games fantasy wing of their business.

They have a Board Game: Dungeon Saga.

A Skirmish Game: Vanguard.

A War Game: Kings Of War.

Now you can play in the worlds of Pannithor at any level from the in depth character evolving RPG to a full on mass battle game.

This project is not just the work of Mantic Games, but the rules are being written from Mantic’s IP by Red Scar.

A Quick Start version of the rules are available on Drive Thru RPG here (aff link).

Kings Of War Fantasy Role Play

This kickstarter will fund the production of a printed edition of Kings of War the Roleplaying Game. This full-colour hardcover rulebook of approximately 320 pages will not only provide  new content for Pannithor, but will also feature the TriCore ruleset; a lightweight ruleset designed to empower both GMs and players alike with the ability to use the system to keep the game focused on both characters and the narrative.

Kings of War is a fantasy setting of epic scope. Originally envisioned through the medium of a tabletop wargame, Pannithor has since been expanded with the Dungeon Saga board game and the Kings of War: Vanguard skirmish game. With Kings of War the Roleplaying Game, GMs and players will be able to explore this grandiose fantasy setting like never before!

The balance and stability of the world of Pannithor was cataclysmically destroyed in a long-ago age. The surviving Celestians — the gods worshipped by many races — were torn in two, each split into a ‘good’ and ‘evil’ aspect as their energies sundered with the breaking of the enchanted Fenulian Mirror. The surviving deities that now presided over the world, the Shining Ones and the Wicked Ones, plunged Pannithor into an age of warfare as they led man, elf, dwarf, and other species into the countless bloody battles of the God War.

The seemingly endless war waged for centuries, claiming the lives of countless thousands of all races. Civilizations rose and fell, entire kingdoms and empires were ruined, and alliances and rivalries were forged that endure to this day. The Wicked Ones created ranks of monstrous beasts charged with annihilating the humans, elves, and dwarfs who fought for the Shining Ones. Colossal battles raged across the world as armies on a scale previously unknown tore each other asunder. Domivar, son of Mescator, God of Justice, took to the skies to fight against Oskan, Father of Lies, and chief power amongst the Wicked Ones.

In a climactic duel that raged across the heavens, Domivar defeated Oskan and took from him the Black Axe, symbol of his dark powers. Domivar plummeted from the heavens, smashing the axe into the world and tearing a great wound across Pannithor’s surface. The cursed axe shattered and the dark gods pulled inexorably into the gaping tear, but spent too was the noble Domivar, having sacrificed himself to put an end to the God War. The great scar gouged out of the world’s surface by his heroic sacrifice became known as the Abyss, and its physical and spiritual gateway to the underworld became home to the dark creatures created by the Wicked Ones.

But this is merely a brief glance at the world, a few verses in a chapter of the great book of Pannithor. This is now your world to explore, to choose your path for good, for balance, or for darkness. This is your world to create your own stories and your own adventures. In a world of heroes, it is time to forge your own legend.

Taken from the Kickstarter Blurb


Pledges start at £15 for a digital edition.

Find out more here.

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