Discovery Science – Sci-Fi Season


Discovery Science, the factual documentry channel is having a Sci-Fi / Science Fiction season in the UK.

The Sci-Fi season is in conjunction with the British Library.

The season includes the following programmes:

When Aliens Attack. This looks at the various elements of an alien attack, including how they would get here, why they would attack Earth, what kind of weapons they would use and most crucially how we could fight back.

How Techies Changed The World sees Captain James T Kirk, otherwise known as William Shatner, boldly go in search how the iconic technology from Star Trek has influenced real life science and technology. He shows how mobile phone developers, Nasa scientists and even Bill Gates have all taken ideas from the show and turned them into reality.

Also coming up in the season are shows like, Are UFOs Real?, which examines the evidence behind UFO encounters; Sci-Fi Saved My Life, where technology from Hollywood blockbusters, like the Matrix, Terminator and Men In Black is pulled apart to see how it works.

And that?s not all: there?s also First Contact: Sci-Trek, Next World, Future Fun and Race To Mars. Plus, an extra special behind-the-scenes look at how the British Library?s team of conservators and curators have put together their incredible exhibition, in Saving The Past: How Do They Do It?

Find out more visit Discover Science Sci-Fi Season.

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