Death’s Dark Wings By Raven Dane

Death’s Dark Wings By Raven Dane

1066 was never like this

From deep within a dark dimension beyond all that is known by the world of men, the soul of a great raven broke free, tearing through the Veil between worlds. The brutal rent in the Veil gave out a scream of warning resonating through the minds of human and Sidhe alike. The eerie sound tainted all souls, though only a few could hear it, and even fewer understood its meaning.

The raven’s cold, jet eyes took in the world of the living beneath the steady beat of its great wings. Its time was near.


Available April 2015! From TELOS and as an eBook (see below)


ABOUT Raven Dane, the author of Death’s Dark Wings.

Raven Dane
Raven Dane
Raven Dane is an award-winning fantasy author based in the UK. Her published works include the highly acclaimed Legacy of the Dark Kind series of dark fantasy/sci-fi vampire crossover novels (Blood TearsBlood Lament and Blood Alliance).

However, Raven’s skills in fiction don’t end there. Her comedy fantasy The Unwise Woman of Fuggis Mire – a scurrilous spoof of high fantasy clichés – was met with great enthusiasm by the reading public. In more recent years Raven has met with critical acclaim for her steampunk/occult adventures Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron and Cyrus Darian and the Ghastly Horde.

Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron was the winner of the best novel award at the inaugural Victorian Steampunk Society awards in 2012.

Raven also has many short stories published in anthologies including in Full Fathom Forty, a celebration of 40 years of the British Fantasy Society, and the first annual of ghost stories from Spectral Press, called The 13 Ghosts of Christmas.

Further works include poetry published in an anthology of pagan verse.

Her third Cyrus Darian novel is due to be published in 2015.


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