Dead and Buryd (Out of Orbit Book 1)


A single life could liberate an entire race, but the life required may be her own.
Georgianna Lennox has spent her life helping others. When a friend is sold into slavery, she must weigh this one life against the harsh consequences of defying the ruthless Adveni oppressors of her people.
Putting her trust in a group of rebels, Georgianna becomes caught in a web of lies and cruelty, where the sparks of the revolution may consume them all.


The first book in the OUT OF ORBIT dystopian science fiction series, DEAD AND BURYD is a character-driven, post apocalypse invasion novel set in a world where the weather can be as deadly as the enemies. Interesting and relatable characters will pull you into this new world and the fight for who gets to control it.

“Dead and Buryd is rife with subterfuge, intrigue, and treachery.”
“A compelling tale which builds suspense, but at the same time is able to yank you onto the edge of your seat without warning.”
“Chele Cooke’s Dead and Buryd had me from page one!”
“I’m devastated that I’ve finished this book, and all I can do is beg Chele Cooke to hurry up and publish the next one!”

DEAD AND BURYD is currently free to download from and

Chele Cooke author of Dead and Buryd
Chele Cooke author of Dead and Buryd

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