Even More Bloody Vampires

Daybreakers Cinema Poster
Daybreakers Cinema Poster

Are Vampires becoming too overused in genre cinema? Discuss on twitter.

Take 2 popular movies that are in a genre and put their names on a movie poster claiming that this new movie is like the 2 combined. Not something I like, personally, movie headlines should sell this movie on its own merits. Paranormal Activity did not lead with “bit like Blair Witch meets Poltergiest”, and it did ok for itself.

Two-time Academy Award nominee? Ethan Hawke plays Ed, a researcher in the year 2017, in which an unknown plague has transformed the world’s population into vampires. As the human population nears extinction, vampires must capture and farm every remaining human, or find a blood substitute before time runs out. However, a covert group of vampires makes a remarkable discovery, one which has the power to save the human race.

Also starring Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Isabel Lucas, Michael Dorman and Claudia Karvan.

This action-packed new vampire thriller released in cinemas nationwide on January 6th 2010.

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