“What I took before in kindness, I will take forever in revenge.”

Director Jonathan Liebesman’s first full-length feature film won’t win any awards, it won’t break any Box office records, it doesn’t break any new ground. But it’ll entertain you for its eighty-five minute running length; it’ll thrill you, it’ll make you jump, it’ll get your pulse racing just a little bit even though you’ve seen films like this a hundred times before. DARKNESS FALLS is a movie which marks Liebesman out as director to watch out for, a film-maker with an innate understanding of film-making and how to wring the best from the script and the camera.

The tooth fairy. What a bastard. 150 years ago in the sleepy American resort of Darkness Falls (nice name, I’d live there in a heartbeat!) Mathilda Dixon was done a terrible wrong when she was blamed for the disappearance of two local youngsters. Alre ]]>

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