Darkening Skies by Juliet E. McKenna

Darkening Skies by Juliet E. McKenna

Darkening Skies by Juliet E. McKenna

Synopsis :

In Halferan, Captain Corrain is hailed as a hero, but he knows all praise would turn to anger if the Caladhrians knew the truth. The wizard who supposedly saved them has merely claimed the corsair island for his own, and no one knows what his next move will be.

Corrain has good reason to fear the worst, as he confides in Lady Zurenne. He knows he can trust her, now that still more perilous secrets bind them together. This disastrous turn of events cannot be concealed from Hadrumal’s mages. Surely the Archmage will enforce his authority by crushing this upstart mage?

Unless the Aldabreshin warlords act first. Will they be content to drive this solitary wizard out of the Archipelago, or has the time come for them to destroy all magic?

I said on the last review I did of Juliet E. McKenna’s, that being new to fantasy I’d found her compelling narratives the reason why I’d enjoyed the story. That short story had been an excellent springboard for me into the genre.

So I was incredibly pleased when our friend’s at Solaris Publishers dropped Darkening Skies into Detox Towers for my appraisal.
There is a beautifully written “in memoriam” piece to Juliet’s inspiration, Anne McAffery, and then a map showing the world in which the tale is told, which reminded a lot of my Tolkien books.

I really enjoy reading Juliet E. McKenna’s novels. She creates through her writing great visuals, authentic world’s, intriguing plots, and characters you grow to care for. This all leaves me wanting more, and a definite fan of Juliet’s work and a genre I am just beginning to explore.

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