Review By Sharon Smith, 3 out of 5

Having only watched a few episodes of CSI Miami in the past, I found it very hard to follow the first episodes of this part of the season. This was quite annoying; mind you I have to say that the backdrops are breathtaking through out all of this part of season five.

The problem that I have had in the past, and to this day, with CSI Miami is that nearly all the storylines are based around the characters within the group. This is a shame because ‘Curse of the Coffin’ is an absolutely brilliant episode mainly because the storyline was a not based on the team, or one specific character.

Another downside is the almost constant background music and all the bad camera angles, views through the glass, flashing lights and the split screens there is no need for it! However, on a more positive note and putting everything else aside I found a few episodes that were funny and had good twists to the storylines, i.e. Curse of the Coffin.

I found the episode ‘Come As You Can’ very moving and it shows how the men and women are affected by what is going on in Iraq and how quickly the calm turns into a storm. It really brings home what effect the conflicts are having on families – well done on that story line.

On a lighter side I had to laugh at ‘If Looks Could Kill’ – what a brilliant ending. Likewise with ‘The High Alone’.

Finally, what does Horatio do apart from give out advice and be a know-it-all? He has everything happen to him, and never does anything in the lab?


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