Crowdfunding Focus: KINDALU®: The Only Cable Case You’ll Ever Need


Struggling with knotted or frayed cables is a thing of the past with KINDALU, the cable case that offers nearly limitless storage. Its ergonomic and modular design makes it simple and userfriendly for all your everyday electronic equipment. If you have an overcrowded desk at home or at work, or you love to travel, or need cables for a professional/hobby purpose, KINDALU will provide the perfect storage solution for you to access cables quickly and effortlessly.

If you have cables in your home that are up to 4mm (0.16”) in width, KINDALU is the perfect solution to keeping it knot and fray free!

  • Neat
  • Practical
  • Convenient

KINDALU’s cylindrical design feels great in the hand. You are able to firmly grip KINDALU and wind your cords up in seconds. KINDALU is also compact enough to travel with, and of course, prevents your cables from forming kinks or fraying (which can be dangerous).

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