Confession Time. Have made my First Games Workshop Purchase in Over 20 Years.


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Games Workshop Logo
I have really surprised myself. I have made my First Games Workshop Purchase in Over 20 Years. I used to love their output when I was 15. Mainly a player of Warhammer Fantasy Battle I have now been drifting back into their web due to a rerelease of a much in demand game from Games Workshops old catalogue.

Now. Many people may have commented that Games Workshop have let slip a few things in recent times. Age Of Sigmar didn’t quite gel with me. Reinventing a staple wargame world upset a lot of people. Personally I have drifted back to Miniature based boardgames (Like Zombicide) or Skirmish scale games. I would love to run epic 6 or 7 hour miniature games though as many things now it all comes back to time and space.

Yes, you have probably guessed the game already, but it is the 2016 re launch of Blood Bowl!

If you do not know Blood Bowl is essentially an American Football miniatures/boardgame with Orcs, Dwarves and your usual Fantasy trappings.

Why this? Why now?

I have been getting back into the Tabletop Gaming scene over the last 2 years or so, mainly due to professional reasons, but also rekindling a love that never really died. I just stopped playing games of this nature after University (Jobs, Children etc).

Though I remember Blood Bowl from the early 1990s I never played it. Too much like sport.

When the rerelease was announced last year it created a HUGE buzz in the gaming community. Games Workshop were going ‘old school’. They were listening to what the community really wanted instead of going for what seemed to make commercial sense. But the main thing is that the did NOT TINKER too much with the rule set.

The other great thing they did was keep it accessible for new gamers (slot together miniatures in coloured plastic so didn’t NEED to be painted).

The initial release was just the core set (with Pitch, templates, dice and 2 teams human vs orcs). I may do an unboxing soon.

I must admit the purchase was considered for a long time. I joined the FLGS’s Blood Bowl league and borrowed an Orc team. I lost my first few games, as was to be expected, but as I got to learn abilities and the rules I have now drawn a game and even won a couple!

The box itself is excellent value, with 24 games workshop miniatures I expected the price to be a lot higher. As you expect to pay around £20 for 5 plastic figures in recent times I was expecting it to be an £80-£90 game easily. But the box has an RRP of just £65 and most places offer a discount.

Get involved with Blood Bowl, visit your local FLGS or Games Workshop / Warhammer store to have a go.

There are a number of places offering online deals. Check out the usual places like Amazon and Element Games. BUT first always think it can be better to spend an extra couple of pounds with your local store (that would offer gaming space, advice etc) and support them.

BloodBowl - Click to buy game.
BloodBowl – Click to buy game.

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