Classics from Amicus on DVD


Classic SciFi and Horror on new DVD releases from the Vaults of Amicus

WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS: Aboard the Texas Rose, a professor of archaeology, his scientist son, and an engineer are on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. When a giant octopus attacks their ship, they awaken within a mysterious under water realm. A deep-sea kingdom has been colonised by an advanced alien race with immense psychic powers and a dark secret? A perilous, nautical tale of mutiny, murder, hidden treasure, giant sea monsters and lost worlds.

Starring Doug McClure and directed by Kevin Connor.

AT THE EARTH’S CORE: Scientist Doctor Abner Perry (Cushing), develops a huge burrowing machine to pierce the Earth?s core and explore the mysteries deep beneath the surface of our planet. Accompanied by his rich, young backer David Innes (McClure), they travel in the machine. However when it loses control and passes the core, they realize they have discovered a twilight world ruled by giant lizard-like female birds. Can they get out alive?

Starring Doug McClure and Peter Cushing. Directed by Kevin Connor.

THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT: Set during World War I, survivors of a sinking British merchant ship take the opportunity to command a passing German U-boat. During the violence, the boat loses radio contact and when the U-boat veers off course and loses fuel, they drift into a strange,mist-filled land bursting with rich vegetation. There, they discover huge prehistoric monsters and that dinosaurs still roam. Amid conflicts between the opposed nations, they are forced to bury their political differences in a combined effort for survival.

Starring Doug McClure and John McEnery. Directed by Kevin Connor.

DVD Extras: Interview with Director Kevin Connor, Interview with Susan Penhaligon

THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE: Extra-terrestrials from outer space have developed a way of transforming brain-power into pure energy, at the expense of their physical forms. Needing new bodies to house the incredibleforce, the extra-terrestrials invade Earth to export human beings. No one is immune from the invasion except for scientist Dr. Curt Temple, whose skull, as a result of an accident, is reinforced with a metal plate.

Starring Robert Hutton and Jennifer Jayne, directed by Freddie Francis.

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