Classic Colossus Coming To DVD



Colossus – The Forbin Project is out on dvd on 26th May 2008

The ultimate super computer creates the ultimate terror in this chillingly real sci-fi suspense thriller. When computer genius Charles Forbin creates a massive computer complex that is capable of independently regulating the national defence of the United States, it appears that no enemy will ever be able to penetrate its sovereign borders.

But such a promising thought turns into a stunning nightmare when it’s discovered the Russians have built an equally sophisticated computer and that these two “doomsday machines” have linked, sharing classified information and national secrets. Desperately Forbin and his Soviet counterparts try to stop the all-knowing “monster” computers from seizing command of the world’s nuclear missile stockpiles.

The granddaddy of all “computer run amok” films, Colossus: The Forbin Project stars Eric Braeden, Susan Clark and Gordon Pinsent in the film based on the novel ?olossus?by DF Jones.

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