Who Are Centesis Pharmaceuticals And What Is Their New Product?


Centesis Pharmaceuticals Two Month Long Christmas Party Dates Announced

22nd November 2017: Centesis, the world leaders in regenerative genetic treatment and healthcare are holding a two month long Christmas party like no other at their Reading Research facility. This will run from 2nd December to 27th January. There is a highly confidential presentation of a new product which they believe has the power to revolutionise human life as we know it. They are placing the publication of our discovery in your hands. They trust that you will respect company policy and only publicise this after the product has gone through testing. Expect the unexpected. Nothing will prepare you for what you are about to see. After all, a party organised by DEAD wacky masterminds is never a traditional office party.

So why are we blithering on about a Pharma company? Well as you have may have guessed (if you have seen the images) this is all in relation to ZOMBIES.

Zombie experience days from Zed Events no less. These guys have terrified over 40,000 victims since their launch 5 years ago will lay on ‘full immersion’ zombie survival events in an 250,000 Sqft abandoned shopping mall for the holiday season. Each event in their Reading facility is an adrenaline and blood soaked survival horror event like no other. From arrival, the thrill seeker will be part of an unfolding story that will play out in real time.

A Zed Events experience is like being in a film, except you are not acting. The fear will be real. This is what is meant by ‘Full Immersion.’ The team use movie quality Special Effects, weapons and props (provided by Hollywood SFX artists) to achieve something that is unrivaled in live survival horror. This will be something that you will never forget. You simply turn up and take part. Everything is taken care and provided for you, you just need to survive. Sounds easy, right?

Over 16 and can get to Reading? Check out the video below and you can book your experience here: Zed Events Zombie Xmas Event

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