Can Someone Lend Me A Tardis


Or a time turner, or a plant express ship with microwave and popcorn, or a time traveling DeLorian?

Just been invited to 2 screenings on the same evening. One for the new KNIGHTRIDER and one for LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.

Love to see Knightrider on the big screen, especially as there is an exclusive sneak peak at one of DOLLHOUSE, the hit new show from the creator of BUFFY and ANGEL, starring Hollywood siren Eliza Dushku. The series will premiere exclusively on SCI FI every Tuesday at 9pm from May 19 (back-to-back with KNIGHT RIDER).

Also despite the subtitles Let The Right One In looks like it should be a rocking vampire film.

* KNIGHT RIDER will premiere TUESDAYS AT 8PM FROM MAY 12, starting with a feature length 2 hr pilot episode before continuing weekly in 1 hour instalments.
* DOLLHOUSE will premiere TUESDAYS AT 9PM FROM MAY 19 (going back-to-back with KNIGHT RIDER)

Shall I get a knightRider T Shirt for the screening?


An icon reborn…

Remember K.I.T.T. – a.k.a. the Knight Industries Three Thousand and simply the coolest crime-fighting car ever created? Well, it?s back in this high-octane, zappy sequel to the iconic ?80s original. And, OK, this time things are a little different. It might not have The Hoff at the wheel (although he does make a cameo in the pilot episode) and it?s a 2008 Ford Shelby Mustang rather than a TransAm Pontiac, but now K.I.T.T.?s an even bigger beast in the fight against crime – and it?s got a new ?voice?: superstar VAL KILMER! What?s more, it?s undergone a complete revamp from its predecessor. This K.I.T.T.?s certainly got ?eat my dirt? written all over it in very big letters. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, K.I.T.T. is now capable of hacking into almost any security system and has the weapons capability of a jet fighter. It can also morph into the shape of other vehicles and uses sophisticated holographic imagery to elude all manner of villains.

So, sorry, Hoff: this one?ll leave you standing in the gutter!

And along with all that state-of-the-art weaponry and that extra need for speed, it?s also got that other essential ingredient: sexual tension. Because behind the wheel is sexy young lead character Mike Traceur

(JUSTIN BRUENING ? ALL MY CHILDREN). Distracting Mike from all that crime-fighting is Sarah Graiman (DEANNA RUSSO ? THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS), the gorgeous daughter of K.I.T.T.?s creator Charles Graiman (who?s played by sci-fi stalwart BRUCE DAVISON – X-MEN). And the source of all that sexual tension? Well, let?s just say that Mike and Sarah have a ?history?…

Based on characters originally created by GLEN LARSON, the 17-episode KNIGHT RIDER comes from NBC Universal Television Distribution. The executive producers include DOUG LIMAN (director of THE BOURNE IDENTITY and the Brangelina vehicle MR AND MRS SMITH), GARY SCOTT THOMPSON (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) and DAVID BARTIS (HEIST, THE O.C.).

The series kicks off with a feature-length pilot episode (May 12), in which both K.I.T.T. and ex-soldier Mike Traceur are reborn for a new generation as they join forces to fight crime ? stand by for that VERY SPECIAL mystery guest-star.

Additional cast:

KNIGHT RIDER also stars SYDNEY TAMIIA POITIER (daughter of Hollywood legend Sidney and star of VERONICA MARS) as FBI agent Carrie Rivai, YANCEY ARIAS (KINGPIN) as FBI Agent Alex Torres, and PAUL CAMPBELL (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) and SMITH CHO (FIRED UP!) as Billy Morgan and Zoe Chae, the techie support crew.



?Haunting, cerebral and gor?geous? ? TIME

?Good, dirty fun? ? NEW YORK POST

They?re ?underground?, sexy – and highly illegal. They?re psychological shape-shifters who can assume any persona ? be it lover, assassin, corporate schemer, hostage negotiator or best friend. And they?re hired by the wealthy, powerful and well connected to do their (often highly warped) bidding. They?re the ?Actives?, elite lead characters of DOLLHOUSE, the series that poses the intriguing question: ?Who do you want me to be?? It?s the eagerly anticipated US smash-hit ? and if that weren?t reason enough to make it essential viewing, here are two more: it?s the brainchild of JOSS WHEDON, creator of seminal cult favourites BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL and FIREFLY, and it reunites him with fellow BUFFY and ANGEL alumna, dark-haired stunner (and Maxim covergirl) ELIZA DUSHKU, in the dynamic lead role. (She?s also a co-producer of the series. Is there no end to the girl?s talents?)

But what, exactly, is the eponymous DOLLHOUSE?

It?s the mysterious, highly secretive home of the ?Actives?, operatives who?ve had their minds wiped clean so that they can be imprinted with a new persona to fulfil a client?s highly specific needs. In other words, the Actives don?t just assume a role ? in mind, body and physiology they wholly become whoever the ?ber-rich client wants them to be. And once a mission is accomplished, their thoughts, feelings, experience and knowledge are erased so that they can assume a totally new identity and purpose for their next mission.

ELIZA DUSHKU plays Echo, the star Active or ?doll? who has no memory of her past life…or does she? This is the series? great hook: bit by bit, Echo?s erased memories return and she starts to piece together fragments of her past. So starts a burning desire to dis?cover her true identity. But Echo is also the organisation?s most special doll, and in the Dollhouse being special is dangerous. Stand by for plenty of plot twists! The cracking cast also features British actress OLIVIA WILLIAMS (soon to be seen with Ewan McGregor and Kim Cattrall in Roman Polanski?s THE GHOST), TAHMOH PENIKETT of BATTLE?STAR GALACTICA fame, exotic Australian actress DICHEN LACHMAN (NEIGHBOURS) and REED DIAMOND, star of gritty cult cop drama HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET.

The 13-part DOLLHOUSE is from 20th Century Fox International Television. JOSS WHEDON serves as writer and executive producer. He also directs the first episode, ?Ghost? (May 21), in which Echo?s faulty memory imprints cause trouble during a hostage negotiation. In this month?s second episode, ?The Target? (May 28), Echo gets a lethal taste of the great outdoors when a client requests her company on a camping trip. So who, besides Echo, is who in the DOLLHOUSE universe? What are their needs and desires? Here are the ?dolly? details: The manipulative visionary Adelle DeWitt (OLIVIA WILLIAMS ? THE SIXTH SENSE) runs the Dollhouse like the business she believes it is. She assigns engagements ? and like any corporate creature slavishly serves the demands of the ?parent? company.

Additional cast:

Boyd Langton (HARRY LENNIX ? Commander Lock in THE MATRIX franchise) is the Dollhouse ?beat cop? and Echo?s handler. He?s gruff and loyal ? but just how loyal if Echo needs protection? Totally amoral in a gleeful sort of way, Topher Brink (FRAN KRANZ ? soon to be seen in Joss Whedon?s movie THE CABIN IN THE WOODS) is the Dollhouse?s genius programmer. His own flaws make him the ideal person to dream up the perfect personality for any job. Sierra (DICHEN LACHMAN ? NEIGHBOURS) is the newest ?Doll?. Her otherworldly looks and ability to adapt have made her an instant asset. Russian mobster and infor?mant Lubov (ENVER GJOKAJ ? EAGLE EYE) knows all about human trafficking ? his family?s in the business. But he also helps Paul Ballard to piece together those vital clues about the Dollhouse.

Claire Saunders (AMY ACKER ? ALIAS) is the Dollhouse?s resident physician. Her work weighs heavily on her conscience. Chief Security Officer Laurence Dominic (REED DIAMOND ? HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET) regards the Dolls as empty vessels, but that doesn?t curb his taste for doing his job efficiently. Paul Ballard?s neighbour Mellie (MIRACLE LAURIE ? MEDICAL INVESTIGATION) helps him keep his obsession with the Dollhouse in perspective. She also has a helpless crush on him, which somewhat complicates matters.

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