Buried Alive


In case you have missed this the horror web-series Buried Alive has now begun on Syfy.co.uk. You can see the first two episodes here

Syfy.co.uk will release a new ten minute suspense-filled episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13:00 GMT.

After being attacked and kidnapped a handsome 20-something, Rick, awakes: trapped in a nightmarish coffin. He screams in vain for help, but visible with the kidnapper?s night-vision camera, etched in the corner of the coffin is the warning: save your breath. Rick quickly finds that he is not alone and a group of his friends have also been buried deep below the earth with the means to communicate only with each other.

On the surface, their hope lies with a brother-and-sister team Melanie (Brit Morgan) and Travis (Jeff Blum) who must piece together the abductor?s maniacal plot in order to rescue their friends before it?s too late.

BURIED ALIVE stars Brit Morgan, who is destined for great things after being cast in the hotly anticipated role of ?Debbie Pelt? in the third series of True Blood.

Also featured are: Jeff Blum, Bram Hoover, Nikki McKenzie, Greyson Chadwick, Natalie Wachen, JR May, Augusto Aguilar, and John Charles Meyer. The series is executive produced by John Norris & Paul Etheredge, who also served as director. Buried Alive is a White Rock Lake Production and is distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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