Bruce on your eBook reader


Brand new eBook THE BRUCE LEE CHRONICLES: VOLUME 1 ,?is released on Kindle, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch?TODAY, courtesy of Tiger Rock Publishing.

The ultimate ebook for all fans of Bruce Lee and martial arts across the world!
To millions of fans around the world, Bruce Lee was the greatest martial arts icon who ever lived. Join Bruce on one of his greatest real-life adventures and discover the true story behind the making of his most personal movie, Way of the Dragon .

Officially endorsed by The Bruce Lee Foundation and packed with rare and collectable photographs , many from the Lee Family Archive, this extraordinary first volume features a foreward from Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee and takes an in-depth look at every pre-production milestone, preparations at the legendary Golden Harvest studios and much more!
THE BRUCE LEE CHRONICLES: VOLUME 1 is?out?now?to buy on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Kindle (rrp from: ?5.99), courtesy of tiger Rock Publishing.

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