Breaking Dawn… or Breaking Wind? The Twilight Saga Continues!


Ok – hold it there – do I really stoop this low on Scifind?

DVD Release 2nd April 2012 – did I really just link to the DVD release on amazon? I don’t even make enough from selling Doctor Who DVDs, Blu Rays and Books to pay the web hosting anymore, so why would people who frequent Scifind buy this under my recommendation – maybe details from the press release will help:

New from the director who brought you The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It, comes a wildly funny spoof of the blockbuster Twilight franchise. Due to be released on DVD on Monday 2nd April 2012, Breaking Wind offers some light relief to all those suffering from Twilight fatigue.

Ok, I am always worried by movies that are spoofs of comedies, but The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It made me turn off after 10 minutes. Not a good start, not a Twilight fan (or hater) either so this is really got off on the wrong foot.

The film follows Bella, who finds herself as the object of everyone’s affections: from an eerily Pattinson-esque Edward, Jacob the overweight but girthy werewolf, to Edward’s pint-sized (but oddly sinister) miniature alter ego Little Edward. Raunchy hilarity ensues when Bella’s life is threatened by the vengeful Victoria and her gang of blood sucking Vampire ?Noobs?, and Edward and Jacob must put aside their differences to save her. Again.

The words “Raunchy hilarity” do not help endeer me to this movie.

Brought to you by Revolver Entertainment, directed by Craig Moss and starring Heather Ann Davis, Danny Trejo, Eric Callero, Emma Bell and Frank Pacheco, this tongue-in-cheek Twilight parody will appeal to Twi-hards and haters alike.

OMG it has the AMAZING Danny Trejo in it. But even he has done some shit in the past, especially when the movie is not directed by Robert Rodriguez.

If you haven’t flicked over to Bleeding Cool by now and you are still interested you can check out the trailer here below:

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