New Time Travel Sitcom On BBC 3


Brave Young Men - A British comedy version of Quantum Leap
Brave Young Men - A British comedy version of Quantum Leap
OWEN and JAMIE, played by Marc Wootton and Tom Basden, are a pair of nobodies who prevent global disasters with the help of a time-transient civil servant.

OWEN MALLOY, caretaker at the local school, is approached by a shadowy figure named MELVIN (Patrick Barlow) while locking up one day. MELVIN appoints him ?Caretaker of The World, Brighton and Hove Division.? But is this MELVIN really a civil servant from the future or just a mad tramp?

After some haggling over a scooter, JAMIE agrees to be OWEN?S sidekick and so their missions begin: The first involves the confiscation of some homebrew which, according to MELVIN, will become contaminated in 2013. Curiously MELVIN needs it brought to him in order to ?process? it.

A British spin on the U.S. time travelling saga, Quantum Leap, Brave Young Men is written by Tom Basden and Sam Leifer. It is directed by Sam Leifer and produced by Teddy Leifer. Executive Producers are Henry Normal and Alison MacPhail for Baby Cow Productions.

OWEN ? Marc Wootton
Marc Wootton is probably best known for the role of Shirley Ghostman in the BBC THREE show High Spirits With Shirley Ghostman. He previously starred in My New Best Friend, Cyderdelic and The Pilot Show. Recently his sketch Marc Wootton Exposed broadcast on BBC THREE. He has completed filming Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, in cinemas on 24th April, and is about to shoot his own series for Showtime U.S.A. entitled La La Land.

JAMIE ? Tom Basden
Tom is a member of the comedy sketch group Cowards. They have had two series on Radio 4 and a recent TV series on BBC FOUR. Tom?s one man show at Edinburgh Tom Basden Won?t Say Anything won the if.comedy award for Best Newcomer. He also co-wrote and starred with Tim Key in The One and Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island which was nominated for a BAFTA and won Best Short Film at Edinburgh Film Festival.

Sam Leifer ? Co-writer/Director
Sam directed Stuck for BBC FOUR and the online sitcom Where Are The Joneses through Baby Cow Productions. He has written on the recent series of Moving Wallpaper for ITV1 and script consulted for the forthcoming BBC THREE series Fresh! He directs commercials through Bare Films.

Baby Cow Productions
Baby Cow was set up in 1999 by Steve Coogan and Henry Normal. Its multi award winning shows have included Gavin & Stacey, The Mighty Boosh, Nighty Night and Marion & Geoff.

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