Brad Meltzer – The Book Of Lies


When I start a book review I have certain things I do. For example, Whilst reading a book for review I will have at least two other books on the go. One a non-fiction book as I love tales from America, intrigue and political conspiracy etc, and one a work of fiction just purely for my own enjoyment, not for me to constantly put down whilst I make a note or write a sentence. I try and keep to these guidelines so my reading doesn’t become my job, BUT in this case I have to make an exception. Read on and hopefully you will see why.

Brad Meltzer is a new author to me. I tend to stay with particular authors or genres for my private pleasurable reading, but the description of this latest work of Brad’s caught my interest.

The Book of Lies, published in 2008, is advertised ” The hunt for the worlds first murder weapon is about to claim fresh blood ”

Any one just glancing through this novel will see the obvious, that this is akin to Dan Browns DaVinci code, but in my opinion better. Yes there is a religious hunt, not for the bloodline of Christ, but for the worlds first weapon. What did Cain use to kill Abel? the bible never says and so the hunt begins. Yes there is a secret society also on the prowl, not an ancient order of knights but a society called the ” Thule’s ” who did exist and were most prominent in the origins of the Nazi party. It is thought that both Himmler and Rudolph Hess were themselves members.

You could be wondering how an obvious rip off of the Da Vinci code warrants a book review in this kind of publication, but get to the middle of the book and this is where you discover a work of pure geek Dom genius!! the Da Vinci used by Brad Meltzer isn’t classic paintings in the louvre museum or anything quite so high brow, the story twists are all due to the life of Superman creator Jerry Siegel. From Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1 through to what could be hidden in the bedroom of Mr. Siegel’s old childhood house. You learn all about his fathers tragic passing and how the idea for Superman was first dreamt up. You get wrapped up in the life of this great comic book creator through the lows of being sacked by DC and breadline poverty through to the fact his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio has ( at the time of the book being written ) no memorial to one of the worlds greatest superhero characters or its creator.

Through the young mind of a comic book creator, the hidden secrets of god and the source of the worlds first murder weapon are played out. Disgraced federal agent and long lost down and out father, take on mysterious Thule assassins and hidden hierarchy, and the police, and the secrets of Jerry Siegel’s comic mind to somehow get to the truth, Will they?

Read Brad Meltzer’s The Book of Lies and find out. An incredible book that could so easily have been a poor mans copy of someone else’s success, but turns out to be a stroke of genius that keeps you hooked to the end. 4/5


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