Having always been a closet fan of this show (it was always on UK Gold after the Doctor Who repeats) I thought I might splash out and purchase the entire first season on disc. The problems with this set have been documented elsewhere (some players have trouble with the layer transition on the discs, following poor branching work) so I wont go into them in depth here. If your player is up to the ‘challenge’ of playing the set (mine is an old model, and handled things seamlessly) then you have thirteen episodes of real quality to go through. Blakes 7 has been called many things over the years, but it is neither camp nor crap. Terry ‘I created the Daleks I did’ Nation conceived, and wrote the scripts for this whole season, resulting in a coherence of characterisation few sci-fi shows like this enjoy. Almost two decades before the ideas of ‘story arcs’ and multi part epics (ok, Doctor Who di ]]>

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